Text Is a Pain In The Neck. Literally


CNN News introduces a new study that shows texting could actually hurt you and give you neck pains and headaches. When texting you are usually looking down with your head bent over and your back is a little hunched also. This position gives you back pains whether or not you are aware of it. Now you can say how can such a small minor action have such a grand affect on your personal well being? Well simple, it just does.

Physical therapists have diagnose this as “Text Neck.”Also Dr. Dean Fishermen explains how this is not only a texting problem but an emailing one, a gaming, etc. In other words its a problem that involves your handheld device.

So its a few headaches and neck pain, what’s the big deal? The big deal is your posture and its affect on you. Slouching affects your lungs and its air intake. By slouching you are reducing 30% of the amount of oxygen you should be breathing. By looking down all the time you affect your neck’s position. If done to often it could permanently curved that way and possibly irreversible. I find these pretty harmful and am worried myself if I am going through these problems right now as I am typing this and looking down at my laptop. I find it quite scary.

Although there are solutions to this. Physical therapist suggest that every 20 minutes or so from your looking at your handheld device, stand up and roll your shoulders and neck for a bit; or go for a short walk. Basically remember to take a break from your device every now otherwise it could end up hurting you physically in the end.

CNN News Article-http://www.cnn.com/2014/11/20/health/texting-spine-neck-study/index.html 


Soda Can Give You Cancer?


Did it ever occur to you that a carcinogen could be in your drink? (Or a cancer causing chemical) No? Well me neither!

CBS News Article tells of how research discovers there is a possible carcinogen in soda if consumed too much of. The carcinogen itself is called 4-methylimidazole; 4-Mel for short. This is the chemical that gives sodas like Coke, Pepsi, Root Beer, etc.;  the caramel color it has. Drinking 29 micrograms is considered to be hazardous already but can you imagine these drinks having even more?


Above is the chart for the amount of 4-Mel in the specific soda drinks. As you can see Sprite does not have any of this chemical because it is clear and transparent. Therefore the assumption could be made that the darker the drinker the more 4-Mel it has in it. Coca-Cola seems to be doing well as it does indeed have less than 29 micrograms so thats great! Although drinks like Pepsi and Root Beer, I had no idea the amount of 4-Mel it would.

I did not even know it had 4-Mel! I did not even know what 4-Mel was! I did not even know! Another thing I did not know is that the FDA does not mind! They do not limit the amount of 4-Mel in soda and that is pretty crazy considering Americans consume pretty the most soda in comparison to any other country.

This really changed my view on soda because now I’m going to watch the specific kinds that I drink. I really was a Pepsi fan but from this article not anymore. I really liked Brisk Iced Tea too! Even though this is kind of sad that my favorite drinks could to possibly hurt me, I am very glad that I know of this important information beforehand otherwise I could have consumed this carcinogen!

CBS News Article – http://www.cbsnews.com/news/coloring-in-cola-linked-to-higher-risk-for-cancer/

#TheDress is Black and Blue in Reality

black and blue dress

As soon as I got to school, I over heard my friend’s conversation of a dress.

“Its gold and white!”, Amy said.

“Noooo, I see blue and black!”, Johana said.

They were talking of a dress they found on the internet. Curious, I ask them “What’s up? What’s that? Let me see!”

Amy shows me the dress and asked me what color it is. Not knowing what the big deal was I said what I saw and it was gold and white. But oddly Johana saw otherwise. Now how can a dress appear to be one color to one person but another to another? Just because of this one disagreement and between two perspectives, this dress literally “broke the internet.”

In the photo above is the photo of the dress that has ‘broke the internet’ within a day. Earlier today a dress design in Birmingham that was uploaded to Tumblr and caused so much controversy. So much that it ended up on CBS News! This one picture became such a popular topic in one day, all over the world through the internet. Man, I wish my birthday could do something like that. But this just shows how powerful social media is.

It became so extremely popular that even my physics teacher was talking about it! Can you believe it? She even dedicated the beginning of class time to explain to us why this is. How she explained it was that basically out of the three main colors that make up all colors: Cyan, Yellow and Magenta; people can see the certain variations of the three and it may differ depending on the person’s perception. In other words, some people only see white and gold, some only see blue and black but there are some that can see both! Incredible right?

CBS News Article – http://www.cbsnews.com/news/blue-black-white-gold-dress-science-explains-why-people-cant-agree-on-the-color/

The Organic Transits ELF Bike


From CNN News And FOX News, this is the new evolutionary hybrid of a bike and a car created by Robert Cotter; an auto technician and design expert. CNN interviewed Cotter and his thoughts on his creation. Results were great, turns out the ELF is Cotter’s dream come true as he says, “I’ve always wanted to create a small, efficient vehicle that incorporates solar power,” and he has! This is an incredible feat for Cotter and his ELF creation and will be enjoyed by many.

The ELF is very convenient and eco-friendly! It is a 160-pound hybrid electric-pedal, three-wheeled bike. Running off of solar power panel on the hood of the vehicle, it can go as fast as 20 mph; 30 if peddling. And not only from solar power but electricity alone, you could simply charge is by merely plugging it into any wall outlet. Also it can carry up to 350 lbs. of cargo and carry people! It really Is an amazing invention. Pricing ranges from $5,000 – $6,000.

I would very much like to own one of my own. As a biker I find it crucial to have necessities such as cover due to bad weather or a storage to carry stuff when needed. Those are the problems I seem to have when riding a bike and this ELF is the solution! Although I would want a car its not very feasible for someone my age as I am just a sophomore in high school with out a driver’s license. So an ELF I really would love. I think everyone should just ride ELF’s because not only are they super-duper awesome, they are an alternative to cars and are of course eco-friendly!


Here are the specs of the ELF itself.

FOX News – http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/07/31/introducing-elf-battery-powered-car-bicycle-hybrid/

CNN News – http://money.cnn.com/gallery/smallbusiness/2015/02/17/social-entrepreneurs-startups/2.html

An Apple That Won’t Brown: Arctic Apple


Don’t you hate it when you’re eating an apple and it just starts to brown and becomes mushy and ugh. Well it turns out this may no longer be an problem to anyone anymore because there is such a thing as a non browning apple! Well how is that possible because apples always brown as soon as they are exposed to oxygen. In other words a non-oxidizing apple? Yes,  a non- oxidizing apple: The Arctic Apple.

CBC news article tells us all about the Arctic Apple. The Arctic Apple is a genetically modified apple. British Columbia’s Okanagan Fruit company found the reason for the browning of apples and found a way to delete this gene within an apple. How this works is that an apple holds a gene that produces poly-phenol oxidase, which is the reason for the browning of an apple. What they did was that by genetically modifying the apple, they tranquilize the gene causing the browning of an apple to not even occur! Therefore, the result of the Arctic Apple!

Even greater news, they got approved for sales in the U. S! The apples are expected to trademarked with two varieties: The Arctic Granny and the Arctic Golden. The apples are expected to be shelved by late 2016.

CBC News Article – http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/arctic-apple-developed-in-b-c-approved-for-sale-in-u-s-1.2956546 

My TV Can Listen to Me?!?!

A TV that can listen to your conversations and possibly record your every move? Crazy right?

Samsung SmartTVs can apparently do these things and from hearing this on CNN news, I really am shocked. My mother and I just bought a SmartTV about a month ago! Never have I thought that I needed to watch what I say in my own home (well besides to obvious no cursing no foul language sort of thing), but now I have to make sure to keep the thoughts I want to keep to myself TO MYSELF.

Imagine some one unwanted is living in your home right now. I really don’t know what to do. The TV itself is great, yes. I just wished I knew about this information before purchasing it because this is creepy! But it really is too late and too much of a hassle to return the thing, so I think I’ll just have to deal with it.

CNN’s news article on the topic – http://money.cnn.com/2015/02/09/technology/security/samsung-smart-tv-privacy/